CNI Result Codes

CNI Result Codes

CNI-Cell Number Identification Result Codes

CNI Cellular- Verified cell number

CNI Landline- Verified landline number

CNI Pager- Verified pager number

CNI Unknown- Number unknown (not able to verify if it is a cell phone or landline)

CNI Invalid- Not a 10 digit phone number

CNI Unauthorized- Account connection error due to incorrect user name, password or IP

CNI Error- Unable to connect to service (internet connection lost or not connected)


Cell Phone Identification “CNI” Scrubbing is a service offered by a third party provider.  SpitFire Enterprise products open a connection to CNI service provider for your convenience, however OPC Marketing, Inc and SpitFire Software, LLC are not responsible for the accuracy of the data supplied by the CNI provider(s).  The connection to the 3rd party CNI service may have negative effect the speed of the SpitFire Enterprise products.  OPC Marketing, Inc. SHALL HAVE NO LIABILITY WITH REGARDS TO (a) THE RELIABILITY OF CONNECTION TO THE SERVICE PROVIDER (b) ANY DATA CONTAINED OR NOT CONTAINED IN ANY DATABASE ASSOCIATED WITH THE SERVICES; OR (c) THE AVAILABILITY OR LACK OF AVAILABILITY OF ANY SUCH DATA, AND OPC Marketing, Inc & SpitFire Software, LLC.  MAKE NO REPRESENTATIONS OR WARRANTIES, EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, AS TO THE COMPLETENESS OR ACCURACY OF SUCH DATA. CUSTOMER AGREES THAT IT SHALL BEAR ALL RISK OF LOSS OF QUERIES AND/OR RESPONSES, AS WELL AS ANY DELAY IN THE DELIVERY OR TRANSMISSION OF SUCH QUERIES AND/OR RESPONSES BY CNI VENDOR. Furthermore, the use of the CNI Scrubbing service does not warrant any compliance required of the FCC and/or TCPA telemarketing regulations.